Smart Balloon Practices
"Don't let go: Inflate. Weight. Enjoy." 

The Balloon Council established Smart Balloon Practices, an educational and awareness campaign developed to serve several purposes:
• Educate consumers on the proper handling of balloons •
• Stress the importance of never releasing balloons •
• Maintain and nurture the public’s positive feelings about balloons •
• and Prevent anti-balloon legislation attempts in the future •


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Posters and Handout Cards:

1] #BeBalloonSmart Pledge Card – ADULT

2] #BeBalloonSmart Pledge Card – YOUTH

3] The Faraday’s Pledge 3×5 Card

4] Smart Balloon Practices – ADULTS

5] Smart Balloon Practices – YOUTH

6] Faraday’s 5 Tips (8.5×11)

7] Faraday’s 5 Tips Poster for Print (18×24)


"Faraday" is the Official SpokesBalloon
for Smart Balloon Practices

Smart Balloon Tips 

• Do not release any balloons into the air – they can become tangled in power lines and turn into litter

• Keep balloons secured with a string and tied to a weight

• Children with balloons should always be monitored. Children under eight (8) years of age can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons

• When finished with balloons, pop them and properly dispose of them

• Despite the funny voice helium can give you, it should never be inhaled


The Balloon Council Stance on Balloon Releases:

The Balloon Council says balloons should not be released. Americans love balloons, but for many reasons no longer support balloon releases. Balloon makers have worked hard to share and inspire the use of Smart Balloon Practices to keep balloons available for every occasion. We stand with communities by encouraging that balloons be weighted, not released outdoors, and disposed of properly when broken or deflated. Whether it's a single balloon or hundreds, let's keep them from flying away.